Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dad

Today is my dad's birthday. He is one year older.....(I'm refraining from many a joke here). So, basically my dad is the best. Growing up my dad would talk to his dad each and every Sunday evening. There was an arranged time. They would talk other times if needed, but knew they would always have a little chat each week. When I moved out of the house, my Dad carried on this tradition with me. I knew at least once a week I could talk to my parents.

In the past 5 years I have talked to my dad everyday. I know that to some people this seems weird. Let me explain. Almost 5 years ago my daughter Elaine died. At first my dad called everyday to "check" on me. It was good, for both of us. My dad has a long commute home from work and calls on his drive. It provides a distraction for me during the late afternoon and helps keep my dad awake while he drives.
5 years later and we are still on the phone everyday. Some days it's no longer than a couple of minutes to say Hi. I know that he loves me and that is why he calls (or I call him). What else can you do when you live so far away and your daughter is sad that her daughter is in heaven? I'm thankful for my phone's ok if people (aka mom & Josh) don't think it's normal, but it's what we needed 5 years ago.

Happy Birthday Dad. We Love you lots and lots!

PS - you will notice that the term father is not used when referring to my dad. That is like a derogatory term to him...a terrible insult to be called father and not dad.


Joshua Crook said...

Yes, some do consider it weird, aka me. I'm glad that you and "father" have a good relationship, but every day, sometimes just to get in the call for the day... (lol) Oh well, you know I love ya!

Michelle said...

that is really sweet!

LambFam said...

Happy Birthday Unc P. haha Hope you had fun with Grandma and Grandpa. Hey wonder women cute blog with violet!!

Michelle said...

Hey there...what a sweet post...Happy birthday to him too. Glad you were blessed with such a wonderful dad.

So not sure where your email address is in all my chaos :)...Preslie is alright today...had a rough night...a HUGE adjustment to be on oxygen and was up at 3, but she's a trooper this morning. Still wheezing and coughing, so we'll see what the doc says. I imagine this whole recovery will be a 'process' and not a quick thing like I hope...but we'll see. WE go back to doc at noon. Thanks for your prayers and friendship...glad we finally got to meet! :)