Thursday, March 19, 2009

It was bound to happen!

It is one of life inevitability's. For men, usually it's the fear of the lengthening forehead, or the receding hair line. And the thinning elsewhere and eventually totally and complete baldness. Women usually dread the color change. On men it is distinguished, elegant or even sexy to go grey. Women do their very best to hide it. I know several gals who are religious with their hair coloring treatments as they are ashamed of their incoming greys.

Yes, it does mean we are not immortal, maybe even aging, but it is a part of life for most. It happens at different times in ones life than it does for someone else. It is unfortunate that it is not considered so flattering on women.

While I was having my hair cut on Monday, it was discovered that my birthday did more than move me along another year, it also included a grey hair. Now, t his hair was not the same length as the others, so one could assume that it would be considered "newer" growth. Yes, I have officially gotten my first grey hair. At 28 - that's not bad. I am pleased as peach that (I don't think) hair greying and balding runs through the mothers side. Maybe it's only a pipe dream...but if I did take after my dad I should be about 50% grey by now.

My mom has fared well, and still has ample color. Yes, I did pull the hair out. It needed closer attention. As for stress being a contributor, I don't know if I buy into all of that. If that was the case I should have had no pigment left after 2004. And in the 10-12 inches that was hacked off off my head (3 heaping dustpans full of hair) no others were detected. I'm convinced it was a fluke of nature.


Jenny said...

10-12 inches? I'd say that's dramatic enough of a hairstyle change to put up a picture. Let's see it! :)

Teea Lamb said...

That is a lot of hair to get rid of! I want to see a picture! :)

Cadie said...

Aunt Melissa, as one far more experienced with gray hair (I got my first at age 16) allow me to give you some advice that I got from my hairdresser: DON'T pull out the gray hairs! If you do, they grow back in corkscrew and wild, trust me on this - I can show you some very weird and curly gray hairs. Cut it, color it, or live with it, but don't yank it! :) P.S. you're getting old.

Jardine Family said...

You just barely found your 1st?? LUCKY!! I think they started showing up in my hair about 5 years ago! Just a lonely little one to start with and now it seems like every week or 2 there's another one! I was hoping that this was normal for a 28 year old! Shoot. There goes that theory. ;)

Linda said...

Hey, Melissa - as long as you can keep lots more hair than your dad, you'll be doing great! (I know he'll read this, too, so I guess I better brace for trouble!)