Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, Monday

Last week (23rd) Darin had quite the day. It started with an upper GI scope at the hospital. We got to wake up early (6am) on Darin's day off and head over. The Dr. didn't come in to work until about 8am. Oh man, all I have to say is that Darin is super funny on drugs. He was trying to talk to everyone. He was super complimentary. It embarrasses him so bad when I remind him about the things he did. He cannot remember a thing.

The funniest part (because at least the nurses are used to the goofiness after) was when we were leaving. He stopped at the reception desk and started going on and on to the lady about how she did such a great ob, taking all of his information and yadda yadda. I literally had to drag him out of there.

Then he got to got o the dentist and get some work done. Since he was still druggie, he kept saying things like, "you did such a good job on the shot." Funny. They quickly put something in his mouth so he couldn't talk anymore. He may want to change dentists now. Ha!

But, he was able to get some needed things done in one day, so it was productive. Everything looked fine on his scope. No scarring, polyps or anything. You'd think after 18 years of heart burn there would be, but I am not complaining! That was the day I also had to go and see my Doctor. I will have to post about that another day....

Oh, did I mention that it snowed a couple of inches that day too?


Lori Muir said...

Oh man, that's hilarious. My husband's super funny on drugs too! He told some friends of ours how we wanted another baby, and III didn't even know he wanted another baby. Needless to say, Kira was born about 9 months later. I'm anxious to hear about your trip to the doctor!

Noni Andrew said...

I'm glad to hear everything looks Ok. it's great he was able to get a lot done. Hope your ck up is good also. Love you