Thursday, March 5, 2009

Violet's dreams

She's been waking up with some doozies lately. There have been several which involved food, and when she awoke she could still taste how delicious it was. One this week was about being in California with Grandma & Grandpa. They were on a farm with some kind of big machine. Then they bought corn on the cob. She went on and on about how yummy it was. Then they were on a train to Madagascar. Melman (from the movie) was there and he was driving. Grandma didn't like to call him by his name and called him freckles instead.
OK....interesting but what does it mean? Leave ideas below.


Noni Andrew said...

It sounds like she is very happy in her dream and she is happy when with G & G. When they are together to have trips and good food. When she wakes and the food is still so good maybe she is still feeling the joy of being with the people and experience in the dream. It is good that it is fun and joyful and not scary or bad

--Nicki said...

Dreams can be so funny. Thanks for sharing! Connor seems to be having spurts of dreams with spiders and things, Violet's sounds like a nice one.