Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter was an interesting day. Of course it began with kids finding baskets and eating too much candy. Then we had to try and get them all dressed and to the church in time to get supplies from the library. It was also our first day of our new Sunday schedule. A new ward was created and so mow there are 4 that meet in our building. Talk about nuts! We have church at the same time, but it is backwards.

We have RS/PH first, then SS and then Sacrament Meeting. So this means I teach my primary class first thing in the morning and need to have all copies etc. done before 9am. It's a joke because there is only one copier in the library and 2 wards trying to get everything done. AGHHHHHH.
After church we tried to take pictures, as you can see. There was a very harsh, cold wind. Vi immediately put on her coat and no one wanted to sit still. Sorry the pictures aren't better. The kids did look cute though. I love that Ashton's suit is too big. I think it's cute.

We had typical Easter dinner - ham, potato's, stuffing, veggies. Darin made deviled eggs and we also had pie & ice cream. It was soooo good. I ate way too much! We did not eat alone, we shared our meal with Darin's brother Dean, their nephew Chris & his fiancee Michelle, friend Skylar and my Uncle Ray who lives in Salt Lake. I had a good time visiting with everyone. It was a lot of cooking, and Darin did most of it! Thanks! I have the best husband ever!

Enjoy the pictures. Myra kept running around and wouldn't hold still. Naughty!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sometimes you have to wonder....

Our choir sang in church today. It is difficult to attend rehearsals, I appreciate that. We have to arrange for a babysitter so we can go. Sometimes that doesn't happen, but I have never understood how people who have been to zero or only 1 practice for a particular song, feel comfortable getting up on Sunday to participate. I couldn't do it. They must be far more confidant than I.

So, we sang a primary song that turned out gorgeous. It was I Wonder When He Comes Again. Always a favorite. So, the timing in the version we sang was slightly different in a place or two. Well, during the performance, the people not at practice sang it like they primary version, while I (felt like) was the only woman singing the correct timing. It happened on both verses. So what does it look like - that I don't know what I am singing and was the one off. But I swear, I wasn't!! Just in case anyone out there was wondering. I was singing correctly...if you don't believe me you can ask Sister Lee (the chorister!).

I don't mind having everyone there, I actually prefer not having only one or to sopranos....but I think you get the gist. It just made me feel like everyone thought I was an idiot. Has this ever happened to you? OK, I'm over it now. On with your lives.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday prior to Easter it rained. A lot. We had a last minute hunt with our friends. The Marvels, Torsaks & Knighton's. It was indoors, although some of the kids did play outside and got drenched. Here is the run down. I'll try and keep it breif for you old people who will fall asleep so the post's not too long.
Showed up and filled more eggs (I think each kid got like 3 or 4 dozen).

Ate lunch+supper =lupper (that one's for Josh) which consisted of Hot dogs Aaron style AKA burnt, chips and yummmmmmmmmmy slush drink.( Myra loves magnets!)

(Naomi & Myra - who happen to be third cousin's once removed)
Big Boys did a treasure hunt and found air soft pistols(This is Handen, Elaine's friend who she was feeding a sucker to in the cute picture in the previous post)
(Kenny having fun with his boys)

Craziness as the kids hunted Devouring of candy and commencement of toy playing

parents kieffing some candy :)

(Ciria's getting punched in the face by Naomi)

(Zoe gettin' goodies)

(I don't like time out!)

Kids played & watched movies while the parents played Settlers of Catan.

(reminds me of Vi's bucket head days)
Much fun was had by all. Mikayla decided Kenny is her favorite person in the world. He was not allowed to leave her room for like an hour. She wanted him to get her food and play all day long. Super cute!

(a run by)

(this is how you throw a frisbee!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Five Long Years

Here are some pictures (in no particular order)of our girl. I'm not up to posting right now. We're just sad and miss her. Church was hard.
Eating watermelon in G-pa's 5th wheel

Swingin' on the 4th with the Andrew cousins

Violet's first day of church. Eskimo kisses from sister!

Sharing a sucker with her BFF Handen



Sick at the hospital waiting for a new heart

I love baths

Easter Sunday 2004

Easter 2003