Monday, April 6, 2009

The post you have all been waiting for

Lucinda, Janice, Phil, Melinda & Melissa

These are the much coveted pictures from Melinda's April Fools prank on her hubby. When Phil came home from work on Monday, he was greeted by a chorus of "Hi Dad" from about 8 kids between the ages of 8 and 6 months. Then, back behind them he saw this:

His "wives". Yes we dressed up as polygamists. He was taken aback and began to laugh. Jory videotaped it for us...I'll share when I can. We all enjoyed a homemade meal of Shepherd's pie, bread, rolls and pie and ice cream for dessert. Thank you Melinda for all of the hard work in the kitchen.
Of course no happy family is complete without a picture of Warren Jeffs up on the wall, and a calendar. Lucinda made a calendar for the month of April. Each wife's name was on a different day. It was hilarious. Phil ate surrounded by his wives, at the table. Ah man, I giggle just remembering. All in all it was a HIL- A- RIOUS night. After dinner we embarrassed Phil by making him take pictures. Then he left for scouts. We stopped by a couple of friends' homes to show off our attire and hair. Some day I think Phil will get over it forgive us all, right Phil! ;)
Side note- Melinda did my plugly hair (I stole that great word from Janice). She and Janice (who I borrowed some pics from) did their homework for the joke. What you cannot see in the pictures is that we are all wearing either tennis shoes or boots with our dresses. And tights or socks.

Also, Lucinda is mean and made me call her daughter and pretend like she was late for babysitting, and go on and on about how we were sick and tired of her being late and weren't going to have her babysit anymore. I don't think she bought it.


Michelle said...

That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard...good work! You guys are just too funny...great prank, LOVE the hair and outfits!!

VLB said...

Hey Melissa, you forgot 'disturbing' as one of the options on the quiz. I bet Phil will be having nightmares!

Colleen said...

That is the funniest joke ever!!!

Lori Muir said...

So funny! You really look the part -- a little too much! Are you sure you're not just in hiding? Too good.

Justin and Stephanie said...

You sure are a clever one. That is a good joke. Well played out! hehe

Griffin said...

That was awesome.