Monday, April 13, 2009


Last week I was able to attend the temple with some of my friends that I play Volleyball with. It was decided to exercise our spirits rather than of exercise our bodies. It was such a great experience. I will try and get the pics of us outside the temple.

(Sarah, Noell & Kendra)
First off, can I just say how crazy it is that the Temple in Provo is so insanely busy! We went at 10am on a Thursday. We still had to sit in the Chapel and be taken in the 2nd session because it was so full! I know there are a lot of missionaries, but wow. And each session is jam packed with people. Each and every seat. It is great, but hard. Sometimes Darin and I have had to wait in the chapel and finally get in to the 4th session after we've been sitting there. It is hard having such a busy, busy temple when you are paying a sitter (adds an hour or so!).

(Gina, Sarah, Noell & Kendra)
Anyway, part of the reason that we went was because on friend hadn't been in like 7-10 years. I can't remember exactly. There were some phobias involved and anxieties. We assured her it would be okay and she had a good experience. Also, one of my other friends hadn't been in 22 years. She'd been to sealings and such, but not to a session. It was beautiful to see her, almost like it was her first time again. It really added to the spirit. I am glad that I was able to be in the holiest of places with these choice women. They teach me so much and are such stalwart examples.
(Me, Noell, Gina, Lori, Charlynn, Kendra, Sarah, Jennie & Christie)

We then enjoyed a lunch (with overly runny sauce for some) at Brick Oven. Yum. My sauce was perfect. It was good to see everyone not in their work out clothes, but dressed for temple worship. There were a lot of talks during conference (especially on Sunday afternoon) that emphasized the importance of continuous temple attendance. I thought of these women finally making it back and how good it must feel to know you are where you need to be. It was a perfect day. Thanks for sharing it with me, my friends.


Noni Andrew said...

What a wonderful place to be. It is very special to be with special people. Love you