Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heart Camp

Saturday was a very busy and fulfilling day. I was able to travel to Tooele (rhymes with Hella) and attend a meeting for our Heart Camp Aug. 14th & 15th. Things are coming a long with camp. It is going to be great. Heather stepped up to be in charge of the food, which is a blessing. Less stress all around there! So, the meeting was good. I have so far been unsuccessful with raising any sponsorship funds for camp and the walk, Carolyn has had success (yay!) and is doing well with that. Mike was also able to get some moola from his employer for all of his hours of service.

We are having Heart Camp at Camp Wapiti which is up Settlement Canyon in Tooele. It is owned by the Utah Elks. They keep it in repair, and maintain it while renting it to children's health groups for camps, such as ours. They are such a giving group and we are excited to work with them. This is our first year and we can't be more excited. We are going to be able to offer camp to heart families for a $25 fee per family. This will include food for Friday dinner, Sat breakfast and lunch.

After the meeting we headed up to the camp to help participate in their spring clean up. We mainly cleaned the medic building. Camp Wapiti is AMAZING!! There is an awesome kitchen and dinning hall/main lodge, with 2 bathrooms up stairs and 3 bed rooms up stairs. One room has 2 beds, both pf the other room have about 7. Then there is the medic building with a large room, a Dr. /Med room/kitchen. Then there are 3 bedrooms (each with 4 beds) and 3 bathrooms including a shower. There is also a large craft building and a fire pit with a stage. Then there is a swimming pool and playground. We will have lifeguards at camp so we can swim. There is a pavilion for outdoor eating and a large bathroom with lots of stalls & showers. Off to two sides there are cabins. Each is unique as it was built by a different Elks lodge. The each have electricity and about 9 beds. All I can say is, wow. Camp is going to be so much fun!!

We are going to have an out door movie and square dancers! Parker Kingsford is going to be working on his Eagle Project and will be doing crafts for the kids during our symposium for the parents. We are having some educational topics (causes of CHD, CHD research..etc) by Dr.'s who work at PCMC. We are also very lucky to have a fabulous man, Dr. Shad Outsen as our Camp Medical director. He is also involving some other cardiologists to come and help at camp. We are hoping that in the future this will be more of a "real" camp where the heart kids will come up for a few days without their parents and be with other heart kids. It is a great way for them to meet and interact outside of a hospital setting.

Our biggest challenge in making this a reality is money. We need funding. If you know any businesses (or people) who would like to be a sponsor and have some great advertising to our members (and a tax write off) please ask them to get involved. The closest heart camp to us is either in Southern California or in Michigan. As you can tell I am excited about camp and passionate about trying to make it happen.

My family is going to have a good time in August!!! We will be getting registration forms out in June, and they will also be on our website at


Jenny said...

I'm so impressed with all you do for IHH. Very cool.

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

We are going to be there for sure! I personally don't know any businesses that would contribute, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

You're doing a great job! Thanks for all you do!

Lori Muir said...

Don't rest until it's done. We've attended Kidney camp before, and it's a wonderful benefit to kidney patients and their families. It's a great thing to do.