Friday, May 29, 2009

Joseph, a great man

The cane Joseph Smith, Jr. gave to Joseph Knight, Sr. on the street of Nauvoo because he was feeble (in his late 70's) and needed it more than the Prophet did. The Prophet told him to pass it on to those in the family who shared the same name as they did, namely that of "Joseph." It then went to Joseph Knight, Jr., and down through the generations. Joseph Adair Knight wanted it given to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. His son took care of this for him.

Today was the unveiling in Salt Lake. The transfer of ownership of the artifact from the Knight family to the church. It will be in the church history museum at some point, but it had not yet been determined when or where. The church's official historian accepted it on behalf of the church.

There was much talk about the significance of canes. How they were so much more than a walking assistant. They held much sentimental value. They were treasured items passed down through families. This one in particular was fashioned out of Whale bone Ivory, Mahogany and silver (I don't know if it is real silver or something that looks like it). It is beautiful. Still in such amazing shape. I can picture in my minds eye, Joseph Smith placing it in the gnarled hand of Joseph Knight Sr. on a Nauvoo road.

It was a well attended event. About 100 people. To be in a room full of strangers, and know you are related to them, is a weird feeling. I felt like I should know people there, but after so many generations, families get, well enormous. I did know 3 people at the unveiling, my Uncle David, Uncle Ray, and my Grandfather. We all went up together. I am very honored to be related to such a faithful family. The persecution they suffered was unimaginable. But, we are still here. Thank you! I will post pictures from the unveiling as I get them.

(1st pic: Elder Jensen accepting the cane from Jim Knight 2nd - The cane at the unveiling 3rd - a much older picture of the cane found on the Knight family website. Thank you to Merlene Olsen for emailing me the fisrt two pics!)


Jenny said...

Glad you got to go!

I once ran into a roommate's boyfriend at one of those Knight events. We'd been hanging out frequently and thought it was pretty cool to discover we were distant cousins!

Noni Andrew said...

It is so amazing when we learn of the life of our ancestors and all that they did. I think it helps us to want to be better people. I know that you are always trying to do better things for so many. Love you

flower2416 said...

That is so cool Melissa!