Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ultimate Girls Weekend

(Amber and Stephanie on the Golden Gate)

So, someone had the crazy idea that while I was in California visiting my parents, some of my friends in the ward should come and visit play, leaving kids behind. Well, it worked out for two of my friends (Stephanie & Amber) to fly out for 2 days. Wow. We tried to pack in so many things. We did miss a few (riding the trolleys, china town, Wicked and much more) essentials, but were able to do a ton.

We had a lot of fun. Poor Amber wasn't feeling well (motion sick) most of the time. I hope she wasn't miserable. So....we drove to Pier 39. Smelling of funnel cakes and sea water. We shopped, ate my fav - chowder in a bread bowl- and laughed at the noisy sea lions. Stephanie has a great video of them. I'll try to post it.

We walked around - a lot. We went to Ghiridelli square and ate chocolate, bought fun gifts and laughed at the street musician accost innocent ladies. Creepy guys! We also bought a lot of chocolate, which I am still enjoying! Let's see, we drove up to Union Square because we didn't feel like waiting an hour for the trolley. We found some great fun stores. I got a nice shirt for $5 and some jewelry.

We also had a memorable hour in Saks Fifth Avenue with a lady we lovingly call the "GodBless Obama" lady because she had a huge, sparkly pin on that had those exact words. Plus, she was a very convincing saleswoman. Hence the eyeliner we all now own, but it makes our eyes POP! We drove around all over. We found Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world. And we also went to Alamo Square. Stephanie had to see the painted ladies...she is so naughty. ;)
(Alamo Square)(Lombard Street)
We found some wonderful sourdough bread (in crazy shapes) and ate dinner at The Rain forest Cafe. We stopped at the Golden Gate on the way home, but it was too dark for pictures.

It was interesting navigating the streets of a busy, crowded city. I'm not as used to it any more. But, we survived without getting lost or a parking ticket. By the end of the day, my feet and back killed from not having good shoes.

We crashed with my parents and slept in a bit. The next day we went to Armstrong Grove to see the tallest trees on the planet. The Giant Redwoods. It was a perfect morning. I love it there! Then it was off to the beach. We ate at the Inn at the Tides, right on Bodega Bay. It was so yummy. And yes, everything I ate was seafood. Amazingly enough. Bodega Bay is chock full of so much history and in some great movies. If you have ever seen an Alfred Hitchcock movie, you will know what I am talking about.

We did some more shopping and then headed off to the beach. We stopped and took pictures along our drive. Chilled on the beach for a couple of hours. I got covered in wet sand by some punk kid and learned that the clear chunks of jelly like substance on the beach are jellyfish sea brine.

No visit to the beach is complete without a stop at Screamin' Mimi's. The best frozen treats on the planet. They are all made locally and are 100% natural. My mouth is watering just typing a bout it. I love that place!

Then we travelled to the Golden Gate and discovered that we could walk under the bridge (disturbing) to get to the east side so we could walk on it. Man, is that fun!! We saw so many great things int he bay, including Alcatraz and huge cargo ships! The view was breathtaking, and the weather perfect. We got some killer pictures. See top of post.

Then we drove around Santa Rosa for a while and had a great time, even if I did drive a little crazy. I still think this may have been the true source to Amber's unsettled stomach. Oh, and we had to go to a Trader Joe's so Stephanie could see what all the hype was about, and to make an educated decision as to whether or not she would enjoy one in Utah. Thus ended our Girls weekend. It was so great to get away and not worry about kids - or life really. Busy, but relaxing and tremendously fun at the same time. Thanks for humouring me girls! You are the best. I hope you enjoyed yourselves half as much as I did.


Noni Andrew said...

Wow!! What a weekend. I think moms really need a few of those. I'm glad you had so much fun.

Jenny said...

Sounds like an awesome girls' weekend!

Teea Lamb said...

What a fun weekend! I am glad you were able to have so much fun with good friends- something we always need! :) Thanks again for being a good friend to me and for your encouraging posts. They really help!

Cadie said...

Sounds heavenly. I just decided that I need to travel with you to the bay area next time I go so you can take me to all the good spots!

Linda said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Yes, "I left my heart in San Francisco!" Fun, crazy, and a little scary city. And love the redwood and beach, too. Sounds like you did a great job as a tour guide, picking out the best sites to show off! Three cheers for Santa Rosa and our beautiful surroundings!