Friday, July 31, 2009

If you think you've had a bad day, wait til you read this!

It started out a seemingly early, but normal day. There were things scheduled all day long, and the kids, although they could sleep in, decided to arise before 7am. Ugh. So it was on to all the normal things, breakfast, getting dressed, you know the drill. I had a rather lengthy email that needed to be sent. I typed it all out. Started spell checking it when WHAM! It's gone. Fabulous, got to rewrite long email. Ok, done and sent. It was Violet's school registration day and since we were up, I figured we'd go at 8 - 8:30am, before volleyball. I got everyone loaded in my car when the horrible, terrible, no good, rather bad day began.

I got a phone call from someone, and I needed to repair some damage that I had inadvertently done, again. So it was a rush back into the house while the kids were in the car, to send another email to hopefully clarify the matter. Flustered and in a hurry because I was behind schedule I hurried back out to the car, closing the door behind me. It wasn't until the door was completely shut that I realized my keys were still in the house.

I had thrown them down by the computer so I could have two hands to type - and didn't pick them back up before I left the house. I tried for about 20 minutes to break in - but to no avail. Every door and window was shut tight. Woo Hoo for me! By this point I was a blubbering fool - emotions - who need them? I think I would rather be an android!

So, I had available to me, only the things out side of my home and in my car. Luckily I did have my phone, which helped. I got to walk over to the school with my kids and my sprained ankle. Mostly register Vi - but I did not have my checkbook, so some will need to be finished later, yay. Then I got to push the over 80lbs stroller of kids, uphill (no joke) 6 blocks or 7 or 8 blocks to play volleyball. And all this walking was done in sandals for me not very sturdy for a sprained ankle. Violet ended up with a blister by the end of the afternoon.

My biggest problem was that my kids had swimming lessons at noon. Oh - on a side note, I had called Darin, but he had already made it to work. He is an hour away from home. He was only working a half day that day because work was paying for everyone to go to Boondocks. It is a very fun (and expensive) place that has go carts, bumper boats, batting cages,mini golf, that kind of thing. And then he was scheduled to have a meeting to work on his computer game after work. Well, since Darin was only supposed to work a half day anyway, he was told that if he needed to leave to bring me a key (it would take him over 2 hours for the round trip) that he would need to use vacation time, of which he didn't have any since he just had the 24th off.

Thus, I was on my own until Darin could make it home after his half day of work. So, swimming lessons. All three kids are in lessons, and I go with Myra to the mom & me class. So that means I need to find 1 baby, 1 boy, 1 girl, 1 mom swim suit, 4 towels, 2 swim diapers & 2 plastic pant to go over the swim diaper. There was no way I was going to purchase new things - so the phone calls began. I got a few answering machine, but was eventually able to round up most of what I needed - minus one plastic swim pant (don't tell!).

I had to leave volleyball early so I could walk over to my friends house. She lent me most stuff - but she has only girls and I had another friend bring some swim trunks. So we got all changed (she is smaller than me so her swim shorts were a little tight - but manageable) and she drove us to the pool. So nice not to have to walk up the huge hill. By this point my ankle is hurting pretty bad and is more swollen than usual. When we got to the pool, Myra saw the playground and wanted to swing and not swim. Her tantrum began.

She was mad for the entire lesson and eventually ripped off my sunglasses enough times that she broke them. And then she would splash me in my eyes (I wear contacts) and my eyes are still in pain. I tried for about 5 minutes to get the screw from the bottom of the pool, but it is hard when you can't open your eyes under water. So - no more glasses for me.

So, we get back to my friends (who is a life savor by the way. Thanks Aubrey!) and we changed out of her swim things and threw them in the wash, realizing something was missing. Crap! Nothing I could do about it at the moment, so I'd deal with it later. She fed us - mostly so she didn't have to listen to my kids whine any longer and appeased them.

At this point, I called Darin to see if he was coming home. He was. I was relieved, but felt horrible since he was not getting to go and play at Boondocks like he had been looking forward to doing for months. He decided it wasn't worth the gas to come all the way home and then go back. I felt so bad, and he was severely disappointed as well. I'm sure I'll hear about that one for a long time to come.

So, around 2pm (5 and 1/2 hours later) I am able to get back into my house. I have a brief moment to shower, and then take Ashton to the dentist to check on a filling. We were in question as to whether it had fallen out or not. Filling good - but now I was late to my visiting teaching appointments. One plus was that I didn't have to take my kids with me. Myra slept until 5pm because she was so exhausted. So after my visiting teaching I go back tot he pool and retrieve lost item, return it, then return home to chaos.

I try to clean and make a couple follow-up phone calls that I needed to make for the heart walk. I ask Darin when he is going to his meeting. He informs me that they are not meeting today because he can't be there (the meeting's take place near his work) so everyone is going to be behind their goal schedule now. Great, more guilt for me. Head off to another visiting teaching appointment after dinner with a very unhappy husband - get there, no one's home. She forgot. Go back home and find that Darin was going to take the kids to a softball practice and now they are pissed they don't get to go and play. Fine. We all go. Luckily it was a cool night and I could just think and do nothing for a couple hours. Oh, I had fixed my sunglasses, but Myra broke them again at the ball park.

I think that my face is still puffy, red and swollen from all of the crying. It is so easy to do when you are upset, frustrated and feeling bad for disappointing people. Mostly Darin. We had a whopper of a fight before ball practice. I don't think it will ever be resolved. Ugh, I hate fighting and feeling crummy. Boy was I glad to crawl in bed with enough Ibuprofen to abate the throbbing feet and put the day behind me. I kept repeating to myself, all day, "Tomorrow is another day!"
And yes, we have a spare key at a neighbors house, but they happened to be on vacation this week. Lucky me. I am glad that I had my kids with me. Imagine if I would have locked Myra in the house by herself? Bad Bad. This is long, and I have a list a mile long to get done today since so much got abruptly changed yesterday. Enjoy your day.


Christina said...

I am sorry that you had to go through such a rough day. I can't believe things got even crazier after we talked. Hoping everything smooths over quickly!

Teea Lamb said...

I'm sorry you had such an aweful day! But thank you so much for all your work on the heart walk. I am really excited for it, and I really appreciate all you do. It's going to be great! I hope everything gets back to normal soon!

Valerie L. Domann said...

Oh Melissa! That is terrible! I have had moments like that myself. When I have locked myself out of the house, I have crawlen through windows, hopped fences, and even just broke the door through once! The locksmith was like, "uh, did you break in to your house?" I was like, "No, not at all, the door frame is just off somehow!" I have been known to do things like this too and it is soooo frustrating. I went through a very forgetful time back when things were more stressful, glad I am a lot better!! It happens and I really think that you guys will make up. I have had HUGE fights with David and the next morning we are fine. It just takes a lot of communication and saying you are sorry for each mean thing said. But it only works if both people are sorry. I hope it works out! You made me nervous saying you think it is irrepairable? I am hoping it is not that bad and things get better.

Valerie L. Domann said...

Oh and I learned the best thing to do is call the local locksmith, because they can have that thing opened in 30 minutes! It does cost about $30 though.

Joshua Crook said...

That sucks! (major understatement) wow, ummm.... wow. That's really all I can think of to say.

Noni Andrew said...

WOW!!! What a story. Do you think it would make good TV show? Sister Hinkley said, "Laugh a lot. Crying only gives me a head ache." It sure isn't funny when everything is happening. Sorry you had such a bad day and I hope You and Darin can laugh about it later when it isn't so painful. Love you guys and hang in there. Tomorrow IS another day.

Shelby and Melissa Drake Family said...

I am so sorry that happened to you!! I had no clue that any of that was going on and I talked to you that day (at the ballpark). Next time call me. we can try to break into your house or you can just hang out here. I am glad that Aubrey was able to help!