Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reading Labels is important.

A little background on Darin, he has not really had to do much of his own laundry. He lived with his parents, then to the MTC where he did his own laundry for a few weeks. On his mission they lived with families and had the mom do their laundry. After the mission it was back home until he got married and had me to do laundry.

So, while I was on vacation in California without him, he needed some clean clothes (surprise surprise) and so he ventured into the world of laundry. He was so proud of himself, that when I got home, we said he was going to continue to do laundry...okay, fine. Well, I was in the laundry room with him while he was starting a load of laundry and saw him put the detergents. "What is that?" I ask. "Laundry detergent.", comes the reply. "Umm, I think you should really read the label on tat one!" Yep, that's rights, he'd been washing clothes for two weeks with dishwasher detergent. You go, Darin! In his defence they were both white powder, although similar but different containers.

He hasn't done laundry since.


Janice said...

The real question is: Did it work? Are your clothes clean? Do they smell good? These Andrew boys think directions and labels are for other people. In Dale's case he now has an excuse, he can't see print without his glasses which he refuse to wear unless he is reading his book.

Svedi Pie said...

Hahaha!! That's hilarious! What a great story :) I totally laughed at that one. Thanks for sharing!

Noni Andrew said...

I'm with Janice. Did it work? Since he is a result of my training I guess I have to stick up for him. At least he had GOOD intentions. Way to go Darin. Love you all

VLB said...

Oh, man, that's funny! I need that today, thanks Melissa!

Darin said...

Yes my clothes were clean and smelled nice. I am not sure it would be a good idea for long term usage because it probably doesn't have the same stain removal or color guard properties. Another thing that may be a problem is allergies to the dish washing detergent. It is not specifically tested to be used on clothing so contact with some people may cause an allergic reaction (my family did not have any allergic reaction).