Sunday, July 12, 2009

The sealed portion of the Hymn Book

I remember a time in out ward as a youth, that we would sing absolutely no familiar songs at church. Our music leader would say, "there is no sealed portion of the hymn book." She was a firm believer in that statement. I agree it is fun to learn new songs, but when you have a squirming, screaming kid on your lap and you don't know the song in the slightest, you don't get to sing. I don't know how things are in your ward, but we don't have many loud singers, so when it is a mystery sounds like everyone is mumbling.

I love singing. It is a great way of giving praise. If I don't know a song (or any sung int he meeting) it is sad to me because I don't feel like it's acceptable. I feel like it should feel similar to when you perform a song - you sing well and enjoy it, not stumble through and mumble.

I can appreciate singing one song during a meeting that is less sung. How else would we familiarize our selves with it, but all four is far too much! I did recognize one, but still couldn't sing because of aforementioned kids on my lap.

Just for you to learn a little about me, in case you are interested, I love to sing Christmas, Patriotic and Eater (not the depressing sounding ones - there aren't enough uplifting Easter songs in the hymnal in my opinion) songs with as much gusto and feeling as possible, because - I don't know why. I love singing "Hallelujah!!" They make me all emotional and happy = crying. Like I heard today, maybe my kidneys are next to my eyes....? I really enjoy singing. It can be the highlight of my day!


Valerie L. Domann said...

I love singing hymns too! I love, love the hymns!

Lori Muir said...

I agree. I think the majority of hymns we sing in sac meeting should be of the more-known variety. It helps to improve the spirit of the meeting when you can hear lots of loud voices.