Sunday, August 9, 2009


We did a lot of fun things in July. Here are a bunch of pictures. We started out with the 4th. Here are some cute pictures of my kids and the Torsak kids with the fireworks. There maybe an Andrew and Marvel in them too. We swam and ate. Festivities wouldn't be complete without injury and fights....

(Handen, Violet & Brayten)
(Judy & Darin)
(Secret, Myra, Vi, Judy &
(Darin, Vi & Jaylyn)
(Darin, Ashton, Myra, Aaron & Handen)
(Myra, Darin & Jaylyn)
On the 24th of July, we kept with tradition and migrated down to Beaver. We got there in perfect time for the parade.

(pouting Ashton)
(John, Jace, Kylie, Ellis, Amy & Ashton)

(get me outa this thing!)
(My mom and John in the background)

(Jennie, Daniel, Jen & kids)
(Daniel, Sarah, Alex, Jen & Shandee)
This is my favorite picture of all time. Myra, showing respect for our country as the flag is paraded down the street. This is what it is all about folks! I know many an adult who can learn much from her tiny example!

(Ellis, Joanne and Amy enjoying the parade)
(me holding Eric)
(Shandee, Sarah & Violet)

look what I can do!
(proof the Renee and Josh were there)
We were also able to celebrate my Grandfather's 80th birthday. We had a nice lunch at my Aunt Susan's. There were quite a few people there (approx. 50). No, I didn't know everyone. A lot of my dad's cousins. Renee put together a wonderful slide show about my grandpa's life. It had great pictures and music. Good Job Renee. If I figure out how to share it on here, I'll let you know. The younger kids had a lot of fun playing in the yard on the play equipment. Here is a picture of Jonathan and Ashton climbing.

(Sarah & Myra on the tire swing)
(Leah, Wayne & Atha)
My grandfather's two living siblings were also in attendance. My Grandpa is the youngest of 6. Here he is with his sisters.
(My Grandparents, Ruth & Wayne Crook)
I love this picture of grandpa because I think it portraits him to a T. He may be 80, but look at that childish grin! He still loves to tease and play pranks on everyone. Everyone was asked to write down a favorite memory of Grandpa. There were some doozies!!! I think he got into a lot of trouble as a kid - not trouble, but mischief and has never out grown it. I bet that's the secret to growing old - stay young at heart. Happy Birthday, Grandpa! We love you!!


Noni Andrew said...

What a fun time you had with so much family. I am glad that you all get togather as much as you do. I wish I could see you more often. Love you all. Great pictures. thanks