Saturday, August 29, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Well, the order in in. He had 462 preregistrations. Whew!! That is a lot. I ended up ordering over 600 shirts. So if you are planning on doing same day registration, I should have shirts for 'ya! ;) Hopefully I won't have anymore multiple late late nights for a while.

It's down to the last couple of weeks to get everything together. We have a lot of really nice prizes this year. I am also looking forward to the Angel ceremony. Unfortunately we have a couple additional Angels to remember this yea
r. It is going to be very touching. I know that Carolyn has been working very hard on it.

So, we went camping last weekend. I haven't seen my kids that dirty in a long time. It was a nice trip. We got rained on a bit during the night, but we stayed dry. Myra discovered how to climb out of her port a crib. Blast. Now life will get real interesting when we travel. I hope she doesn't start attempting to climb out of her crib. I'm not ready to transition her to a bed. Not sure how to go about that when she shares a room....

On our trip, there was a fire on a neighboring hill. When the wind shifted, we got to enjoy all the ash. It fell on us for several hours. We had some excellent fire wood - made cream puffs over the fire (yummy!!) and enjoyed relaxing. I got to catch up on some reading I wanted to do. It was a lot warmer than I had expected it to be. The mosquitoes weren't bad. I must say I love the new OFF! clip on repellent. If you haven't tried it, it is wonderful. Especially if you don't want to smell like repellent for the next week. They can clip on a person, stroller, chair.. you name it. There are some good coupons going around.
I think that I am still putting things away from camping. It's a mess.

Last night I was able to have a much needed girls night out. Man, it was so great to just shop, browse, eat See's Chocolate and have a good time. We went to the mall, I started some Christmas shopping and we went to dinner. Food was so good and filling. We went to the new Iggy's. Yummy. I think it helped us all relax and de-stress. Thanks girls! You are the best. Thank you for listening to all my craziness!

Tonight is Desert Star!! Aaron and Mandy are having their little girl on Tuesday (c-section) so we were able to squeeze in this show before she comes. That way they get a long break and we don't go again until the Christmas show, the week before Christmas. Hope your lives aren't as hectic as mine right now!


Adrienne Orrock said...

462 registrants eh? That's great! I am really looking forward to the event, and really hoping that I'll be able to make it! Thanks for all your hard work putting it together! :)See you there!

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I admit, I am one of those slackers who forgot to preregister. My mind has been a little "out there" this week.

We will be there though! Thanks for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

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Noni Andrew said...

Glad you had a fun time camping. The kids probably had a great time getting dirty. Happy to hear that your walk is coming together so well. You are such a hard worker. Love to you all

Justin and Stephanie said...

You are amazing to get done all that you do! I admire for that. Kids grow up so fast. The older they get, the less we are able to keep them contained. :o)