Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Again

Well, it has been another week. Things are really getting busy as we approach the heart walk. We are at T - 7days!!! Yippie. I am still busy gathering prizes and such. Always so much to do! But it will be so fun. I am stoked that we will have twice as many people as last year.

Last week we went to Desert Star. Our favorite. With Aaron & Mandy. We attended the later show because we had to switch tickets around a bit, due to Maliya's birth. She arrived safe and sound and she and Mandy are doing well.

We ate at Texas Roadhouse. It was yummy. The show this time was Snooty and the Beast. And there was a Monster Mash Olio. It was funny that it was Michael Jackson's Birthday and they did a thriller sequence. It was a great olio. I loved the costumes!

The show was funny as well. I'm glad my name's not Average. The villain was really creepy looking. They did a great job with that. And the Beast was wonderful! I also enjoyed Edward Tweezer hands. So, last time at Desert Star, there was a wedding Proposal. Here it was, a couple months later, and we were witness to yet another marriage proposal. What are the chances? It was sweet. We have a bit of a break from DS - so Mandy can re coop from giving birth. We won't go again until the Marvels anniversary/Darin's Birthday. We will be seeing Nutcracker: Men in Tights. Next season looks great as well, and we get 6 shows for the price of 5.

Myra is getting adjusted to sleeping in a "big Girl Bed". She decided to climb/fall out this week - hence the transition/ She seems to be doing ok. Some days she doesn't nap - but oh well. She can't hurt herself at least. Now we just have to reorganize the girls' rooms - but that is a project for after the walk.

We attended Onion Days last night. The kids had a lot of fun. Myra even went on the Merry - go - round, car ride & the Ferris Wheel. Vi kinda freaked out a bit (I was there with her) but still says she had fun on it and would go again. The kids got Carmel Apples and sno - cones. Yay. We watched some fireworks too. All I have to say, is thank heavens they have all rides for one ticket on Friday's or we could never afford to go!

We get to attend a neighbor hood BBQ tonight and listen to some bands. I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure I will have a lot to post after the race!!!! IF you still would like to come or donate let me know!