Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Myra Bean

She is two years old today. She officially became a toddler a while ago. She walk, talks and is in a big girl bed. But today, she is two years old. Wow, it fells like a long time since she was born. My little 7lb 15 oz 19" baby. I was looking back to my post when she was born. You can read it here if you want.
Happy Birthday, Myra! We love you so much. You have so much energy! You are always running, jumping of skipping. You have the greatest, funniest looks! As we speak we are preparing your b-day dinner while you nap. You are still my little baby though. Enjoy the pictures!


Brynn said...

Happy Birthday Myra! We love you!

aubrey said...

Doh! I'm a forgetful naughty. Forgot to RSVP our absence. So sorry. Hope it was fun!! Happy B-day Myra.

Andy's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Myra!!! What a little cutie you are... Melissa, I want you to know that I feel absolutely stupid, I've always read your blog and appreciated your comments on mine but while I was at Heart Camp I didn't realize you were the same person from blog world. I should have known about your precious Elaine Ruth. I'm sorry that I was so slow to connect the dots- that you are the girl from the blog world and from heart camp! Thank you for your friendship, it was great to meet you and your entire family. I've thought about you often since camp!. Much Love, Amber

Noni Andrew said...

Happy Birthday Myra!!. Your card is in the mail. Sorry I got it out a little late. Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate. I love the lipstick picture. She is such a cutie as are all of your children. With such fun parents and bother and sister I know you had a fun time. Love you all soooo much.