Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you Dr. Elbert Dysart Botts

A friend of mine was talking about In and Out Burger on Facebook today, and it made me start thinking about some of the other things I really appreciate about California and miss out here. Of course there are the big things, like family, the beach and great weather. And the not so big things like clover milk bilboards (a post for another time), fresh fruits and veggies and recycling.

Something that I took completly for granted while I live in California were the Botts dots. What are they you ask? They are the best part of driving. Besides the fact that the roads are well lit, lines painted and drivers know how to merge, use blinkers and parallel park; but you also know when you are moving from one lane tot he next.

(the blue dots mark fire hydrants in residential areas and on freeways where cops can pass between the two different directions of traffic)
I understand the blatant fact that they could not be used in parts of the country that enjoy the company of snow in the winter, but I sure do miss them. I never noticed them much when I had them, but man do I miss them. So, read up and feel special if you do enjoy these wonderful little dots on the road.


Joshua Crook said...

You always find some of the weirdest things to blog about (although I look forward to the Clover Bilboards!). You're right, I really don't pay any attention to the dots, unless I start to drift!! lol

Griffin said...

I agree these things are great.
I have heard that the guy who invented them gets 1 cent for every 2 laid down on the roadway.

They should totally have them in Utah.
They are compatible with snowplows even, when the dot is laid in a countersunk "trough."

Maybe it would save a few lives on those raceways they call freeways there.
I swear it seems like there was a fatality on the freeways in the SL valley every week while we lived there.

Linda said...

Hey, Melissa -
Yes, those Botts Dots are good. Kind of like braille for the drivers! If we wandered onto the line of dots, we would say we were "connecting the dots." Fun! Never realized they don't have them out there in Utah. Also didn't know all those little secrets about the blue ones. Thx!

Griffin said...

We always called it the "Helen Keller school of driving" if you drove on the dots!