Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The trip

Estes Park

We drove. A lot. Through Wyoming. Not much to look at. It was straight roads and good weather. We checked into our new home. There were 3 rooms and 2 baths. Kitchen, living room and a fire place. It was great. Staff was helpful. It took us a couple days to figure out our way around town. We stayed in Estes Park. There was a big fire downtown the day we arrived, so we were further confused by the detours and roadblocks. We did have to stop and ask for directions a couple of times. Once we talked to the nice police officer and Mary promised to bring him donughts, which she did not do - therefore she steered clear of law officials after that.

Lets see, the first night we went to dinner at a BBQ place. It was yummy. Then it was off to Safeways (everyone was flabbergasted when I pulled out my Safeway card). We have the chain in California where I grew up. My card saved a total of like $15 for everyone. GO me! Then we drove around town a bit. A couple of the group went to the pool and hot tub. We watched New in Town. We stopped by the Stanley Hotel and made reservations for the ghost tour the next day. That was about it. During the night we discovered that we indeed had some snorers with us.
(Liz, Melissa & Heidi)
(Stanley Hotel)
(Heidi, Mary, Karissa & Liz)
Thursday was the "big" day. We started off by heading to the Stanley Hotel. If you know nothing about it, you should check it out. We enjoyed a ghost tour, complete with lots of stories and local history. Lots of amazing things have gone on in that place. And the ghost stories helped us get in the mood for Halloween. They actually weren't scary. But the hotel was so beautiful and simply amazing!

(Liz & Me)
I don't think that I've mentioned who all went. Myself, Liz Lowder, her sister Heidi, Mary Hansen & Karissa Ewell. We took Mary's miraculous car which got 30 mile/gal.

Then we ate and got all gussied up for Wicked. We drove to Denver - about 90 minutes from our room and checked out the Tattered Cover. It was the largest book store I have ever been in. Needless to say I spent too much money, but books are hard to resist. Then we went to dinner at a a fun little Italian place. Then we went to Wicked!

It was such a fun show. If you've ever thought about reading the book, don't. It's horrid and gross. The play is sooooooo much better. I love all the tie in's that they made to the Wizard of Oz. It's funny that the tree for the Festival of Trees has a Wizard of Oz theme. The performers we had were simply amazing! Lots of talent. We were far enough back that we had a good veiw of the entire stage. I wasn't bored at all, but I wasn't expecting to be. I would go see it again in a heartbeat.

We were all still pretty excited when we returned home. It took us a while to finally go to bed. Friday we spend the morning/afternoon hiking around the larges National Park in the Country.

(Rocky Mountain National Park)

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was gorgeous. So vast and open. I think that you could spend a year there and still be finding new things to do. We hiked a couple of trails, a b beautiful water fall and a lake. We drove up Trail ridgeroad as far as we could. What a site!

(Mary, Liz, Heidi & Karissa)
There was snow on the ground and it was chilly, but not uncomfortable. There were lots of people there and we made some friends. There was one chipmunk in particular that followed us around forever.
(Heidi & Liz)

(Liz & Mary)
(Karissa, Liz & Mary)

(All of us!)
(Me with beautiful Colorado behind me)
Of course we stopped by the gift shop and browsed and learned more about the park. I got some really nice pictures. We were hoping to have more time in Colorado so we could head down to Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs, but in the end there simply wasn't time. We ate that night at Mary's Tavern. It was a bit pricey but the pumpkin soup was delicious! We saw a couple huge, I mean HUGE Elk, moose, something. They were ginormous and in people's front yards in the mornings.
(Denver Colorado Temple)
Then we shopped around down town and watched another movie. That night I did go to the pool - it was cold afterwards. Saturday we shopped some more around town and drove to Denver/Littleton to the Temple. We didn't have time for a session, so we did initiatory's. It was my first time at that temple. From there we changed our clothes, had our "last meal" at Applebee's and headed home via I 70. It was a windyer road. Several of us battle motion sickness on the trip. On the drive home we also dealt with some rain, wind, slush and attitudes. We also almost hit a cow and a couple of construction barrels once we got into Utah.

It was a fun trip. Great to get away and see some of our beautiful country. I had a real good time. Darin was able to take time off work and stay home with the kids, so ina sense he had a vacation too. He was abloe to spend a lot of time with the kids and play.

So, Colorado is beautiful. Wicked, fabulous!!


Jenny said...

Glad you had a good time! Colorado is a fabulous place! I sure love living here. By the way, which Tattered Cover did you visit? I think the one on Colfax is my favorite, but the one on 16th Street is in such a fun old building!

Dale said...

I'm so happy you were able to do this with your friends. It's fun to have good girlfriends. Looks like you all had a great time. - Janice

Noni Andrew said...

What a fun time. I is great to be able to go with friends and do something different. Love you

Kristin said...

I love Denver! And I LOVE Wicked!! Before I was married, I went with a bunch of college friends to LA, just to see wicked. We drove out Friday night, saw wicked on Saturday and I made it home Monday morning just in time to go to class. So much fun!! Glad you enjoyed it.

Linda said...

Dave and I went to SF and saw Wicked in August - WONDERFUL! He even stayed awake the whole time (a rarity since it didn't even start 'til 8), and loved it! I heard the same about the book...and won't bother reading it.

Glad you got to go enjoy Colorado and WICKED!