Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TV Ad's

Have you noticed that some of the Ads/Commercials this year are completely ridiculous? Take the Lexus one....the first of many memories?

Really, your first memory with someone is giving them a Lexus?! What! That doesn't sound right!

Commercial number two for the "Embrace" Jewelry is just really lame. Ohhhh, I'm so scared!

The guy comes off as a bit creepy/stalker/murdererish.

The last on is a link. I couldn't get it up on here. It is the worst. If you followed his advice and got me that for Christmas, we would no longer speak.

I'm just saying! It is WRONG on all kinds of levels! There is a reason that "Santa Can't deliver" this one!


Joshua Crook said...

Oh darn, now I have to rethink my Christmas Gift for you.. Oh, wait... no I don't, because I'm not an idiot. Lol

Janice said...

This must be why I like you so much. The pap smear one is just plain creepy. The Kay one is super lame and the Lexus one, well I don't even know what to say about that one. Janice

Noni Andrew said...

I don't know where the get such stupid ideas. They must be really disperate and completely out of ideas to come up with such dumb ads. Thanks for your blogs. Love you

Linda said...

Hi, honey - for Christmas this year I scheduled you a pap smear! Yah, right! That IS such a creepy ad. And the others . . . ?? Makes me appreciate the Norelco razor sledding down the hill!