Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An amazing discovery

I think that it is great that life still has a few surprises for us. We go along, thinking we know for instance, all about a vehicle we have owned for several years. Then one day you world is turned upside down. We discovered, quite by accident, that our van has a built in car seat! How could we go all these years without knowing? I recall asking the previous owners about it, but they said no, it didn't have one. The owners manual did talk about it, but as an "option". Didn't know we had t hat option. It may have been found a few years too late, but hey, we can still use it! No more strapping in a car seat for one of the kids. When the baby come we will have 2 booster seats, 1 car seat (built in) and an infant carrier in our van. That's a lot of extra seats!


Lori Muir said...

Oh, I love built-in car seats! We had one in a previous vehicle, but we didn't have to find it mysteriously one day. Ha ha.

Janice said...

We had our little Jeep for about a year when I realized there were stereo controls on the back of the steering wheel by accident. lol