Sunday, February 28, 2010

Violet's Belated Birthday Post

Violet turned 7 nearly a month ago. I thought I'd share a little bit about her celebrations. The Saturday before her birthday, she got to invite 2 friends to accompany her to the movies. The drama, let me tell you. I looked up what "should" be playing at the theater that day. I let her watch the previews of the kid appropriate ones and pick what she most wanted to see. She wanted to see Spy Next Door. I don't remember what the other choices were.

Well, of course the theater changed what they were showing (they are usually accurate with their estimates of what they will be showing on a certain date) and it was no longer in any theaters. She cried. A lot. Her second choice was Princess and the Frog, which had been out for a while and was only playing in Provo. So, we got to trek all the way there for the movie.
(Ashton, Sarah, Violet & Sydney)
Here is a picture of the kiddos at the theater. They had a good time. It was just me and 4 kids. It wasn't bad until Ashton got a bit restless, but he had to come. I think he just likes hanging out with girls. It was easier than a party, that's for sure!

On her Birthday we went to eat at The Brick Oven, which is one of her favorite places. Jaylyn joined us and we had a good time. My kid all ate their weight in food. Here is a picture of Ashton in heaven being kissed by Jaylyn, and one below of Myra making a fish face.

By the time we go home, Violet blew out her candles and opened her gifts, but we were all too full from dinner for cake, so we saved it for the next day. It was a yummy cookies and cream ice cream cake. Happy Happy Birthday to Violet!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best black mail photos ever!!!!

Ashton and Violet were playing dress up's one day. Vi came and asked me to turn on music so they could dance. They were BOTH ballerina's!! Ashton was saying he wanted to be the boy ballerina who got to dance with all the girls. They had a good time.


Well, maybe I should say nightmares. I don't know how many of you gals out there experience very livid dreams while you are pregnant. I do. They are usually not pleasant. They feel so real and I am usually drained emotionally when I wake up. Not the refreshing feeling one hopes for after sleeping. It's aggravating. There is always some major stress or disappointment. Last night it involved Volleyball and a crazy person from my ward (who I don't even thinks plays volleyball) showing up one morning and causing problems. Okay, doesn't sound so bad but it went on and on in my dream and I was so angry and confused. It seemed like it could happen.

Starting with my pregnancy with Ashton my dreams unhappy nighttime adventures require me to relive the experience of burying a child. Not fun. It's always some bizarre death too, like Violet being attacked by an alligator in an elevator. Yes, sounds comical, but in my dream state, it was horrific and terrifying. Some nights I dread a "peaceful" nights sleep because I know it will come with a range of emotions I never want to experience again. Of course, on the other hand, if I am having a restless and uncomfortable night, waking up each hour or so..I don't have these distressing dreams. But, then must deal with the aftermath of having slept poorly. UGH. It's a no win situation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CHD Awareness Week repost

Paul Cardall put together this wonderful video. If you watch close you will see Elaine towards the end. Thank you Paul! (I posted this last hear, but wanted to share it again in honor of CHD week.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess what our baby has....

You guessed it. Our baby has a little pee pee. It's a Boy!!! And the best news, he is healthy with now problems. Whew. Heart looks great!! CHD week and all. I'm glad the appointment is over. He is almost one pound already! He was very energetic the tech and the DR. were getting a little frustrated with our wiggle worm. He kept moving his hands behind his back and kicking and rolling over. Ashton is excited because he thinks he is getting bunk beds. ;) Silly boy. We are excited for our new little one to join our family.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Technology, isn't it about time?

That is how I feel when I saw this article about funding for research on Ventricular assist devises for children/infants.. It's a bout time!!!!! While Elaine was awaiting her heart transplant, the one thing we heard over and over was, too bad there isn't an LVAD for kids. Well hopefully this is in the works to be a great tool to help extend life until a donor can be found. I know there have been some experimental devises (mainly from other countries), but they need to b e available to every child who needs them! As a mother of one of the "approximately 60 children younger than age 5 waiting on the heart transplant list may die before a donor organ becomes available", this hits real close to home. Come on scientists, do your stuff! Families are depending on you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


(5th B-day)
(1st B-day)

Violet is 7 today. Happy Birthday!!! She's off to school and she seems so grown up. Wanting to do her own hair and answering the phone. She is a little lady. Here are some cute picture of her through the years. Happy Birthday Vi vi. We love you!
(5 months)
(2 months)