Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, maybe I should say nightmares. I don't know how many of you gals out there experience very livid dreams while you are pregnant. I do. They are usually not pleasant. They feel so real and I am usually drained emotionally when I wake up. Not the refreshing feeling one hopes for after sleeping. It's aggravating. There is always some major stress or disappointment. Last night it involved Volleyball and a crazy person from my ward (who I don't even thinks plays volleyball) showing up one morning and causing problems. Okay, doesn't sound so bad but it went on and on in my dream and I was so angry and confused. It seemed like it could happen.

Starting with my pregnancy with Ashton my dreams unhappy nighttime adventures require me to relive the experience of burying a child. Not fun. It's always some bizarre death too, like Violet being attacked by an alligator in an elevator. Yes, sounds comical, but in my dream state, it was horrific and terrifying. Some nights I dread a "peaceful" nights sleep because I know it will come with a range of emotions I never want to experience again. Of course, on the other hand, if I am having a restless and uncomfortable night, waking up each hour or so..I don't have these distressing dreams. But, then must deal with the aftermath of having slept poorly. UGH. It's a no win situation.