Sunday, February 28, 2010

Violet's Belated Birthday Post

Violet turned 7 nearly a month ago. I thought I'd share a little bit about her celebrations. The Saturday before her birthday, she got to invite 2 friends to accompany her to the movies. The drama, let me tell you. I looked up what "should" be playing at the theater that day. I let her watch the previews of the kid appropriate ones and pick what she most wanted to see. She wanted to see Spy Next Door. I don't remember what the other choices were.

Well, of course the theater changed what they were showing (they are usually accurate with their estimates of what they will be showing on a certain date) and it was no longer in any theaters. She cried. A lot. Her second choice was Princess and the Frog, which had been out for a while and was only playing in Provo. So, we got to trek all the way there for the movie.
(Ashton, Sarah, Violet & Sydney)
Here is a picture of the kiddos at the theater. They had a good time. It was just me and 4 kids. It wasn't bad until Ashton got a bit restless, but he had to come. I think he just likes hanging out with girls. It was easier than a party, that's for sure!

On her Birthday we went to eat at The Brick Oven, which is one of her favorite places. Jaylyn joined us and we had a good time. My kid all ate their weight in food. Here is a picture of Ashton in heaven being kissed by Jaylyn, and one below of Myra making a fish face.

By the time we go home, Violet blew out her candles and opened her gifts, but we were all too full from dinner for cake, so we saved it for the next day. It was a yummy cookies and cream ice cream cake. Happy Happy Birthday to Violet!


Noni Andrew said...

I'm sorry that the movie Violet wanted to see wasn't playing and that was good that there was another one she could see. Sounds like between the movie and resturant she had a great birthday. Love the pictures especially the fish fact. The picture of Violet reminds me of Steven's Kim when she was that age. Love you guys