Saturday, April 17, 2010

No! She's my mom!

(mom with Elaine)

It's my mom's birthday today!! You may not have know that, but I think it's a pretty great thing. I know that most people think that their mom is the best, but I win!
(mom with Ashton)
(mom & her siblings top: David, Donna, Ray Reed Bottom: Denise, Sharon, Sandra & Joanne (my mom))
It is alwyas fun to learn more about your parents as you get older. To become friends with them. They no longer need to spend all of your time together (hopefully!) telling you what to do teaching you. As an adult, they pray you have figured most things out. As always they are around to answer questions and give advise, but it's not the...brush your teeth, pick that up, do you homework stuff that one dreaded hearing as a child. Right now I think that is pretty much all my kids hear out of my mouth! ;)

(My grandparents with most of their kids (sorry Sandra). My mom is the one sitting on the ground)
I like being able to be friend with my mom. She is an amazing woman. Her life hasn't been easy, full of many challenges and obstacles - many of which she still battles every day. She has learned to look beyond them. To see the "bigger picture". She is so good. The most Christ like person I know. She is amazingly creative and involved heavily with her church service, as well as owning a business and giving back to the community.
(My dad, brother, me & mom on my wedding day)
Mom, I hope you know that you make a difference!! You make people happy and we love you. Thank you for your example and friendship. Happy Birthday! I hope your cake was good - even if you had to turn it upside down to eat.