Friday, May 7, 2010


These three letter stand for a lot of different things. At our house, about once a month or so, they stand for Clean The Refrigerator. As in, that's what we are having for dinner. Left overs from the fridge. It's a nice way to use all your left overs (if you have any) and make sure things don't go to waste. I tend to find a few surprises that I'd forgotten about. I'm thrilled when I discover them before they have a chance to walk out on their own. Do you have this tradition at your place too?


One Happy Heart Family said...

LOL thats too funny!!! I don't do it as often as I should!! We don't do leftovers at my house, well at least me!!! LOL too many growing up.

Joshua Crook said...

Well, as a two person household, Renee and I don't really ever make enough food to require leftovers. On the few occasions that we do (such as having missionaries over) we typically get to "enjoy" those leftovers for lunches over the next few days, and then they're gone. We've only put leftovers on our menu once in the entire time we've been married (Renee is opposed to the "CTR" label. lol). However, I'm sure you well remember, Mel, that I do have a history with such things (Gee, same as yours, imagine that. lol)

Noni Andrew said...

Hey, that looks like some pretty tasty left overs. I like left overs it saves starting from a scratch and is faster. Love you