Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Appointment

What a nice feeling it was to walk out of my Doctor's office today without having to schedule another appointment. That was it until the couple after the baby. Nice to be on the last week. It feels like the last couple weeks have been so so slow. School ended and my kids are bored. I am too tired to take them and do fun things so we all just get on each other's nerves. The weather has gotten better, so I can banish them out side now. Yippie for that.

I was informed today that the baby probably isn't as big as I think he is because I have quite a bit of extra fluid. Just what I want, extra, unnecessary weight to be carrying around. In a week (minus some hours) from now I will have a precious little boy in my arms. I am so excited for that! It will be worth it. It is always weird at first, once the baby is born, to feel so empty. No one's moving around, it's all just mush. One of my favorite things is being able to feel a little life moving around inside of me. I will miss that.

It's flag day today - I hope yours is flying high! I have my toes all cute and glittery. I have a billion things to do, and only energy for about 5 of them - so the rest will just not get done and drive me crazy. Oh well, so be it.


Brynn said...

Hey I thought he was coming on the 22nd? Can't wait to meet him, and learn what his name is.
Hey do you think I could dome with you and your doctor would take 2 out for the price of one? J/K

Melynda said...

=D He's almost here! Your family has to be getting excited! Gotta love holding a new born. Praying things go smoothly for ya!

Happy Flag day to you also. ;)

Emily said...

SO exciting! Have fun with your new little guy. I look forward to pictures!

Noni Andrew said...

Please don't write in those light colors. I could only read about half of it. It is really exciting to be having this guy here. I am excited that I get to see him while I am in Utah after I visit Idaho and the wedding. I pray for the both of you every day. Love you all

Noni Andrew said...

I reread you blog today. thanks for making it darker. I know what you mean about the little moving around. I have my little flag flying and i was amazed that I didn't hear anything about flag day on the news or from anyone. I'm glad you remembered. Love you guys. Can't wait until I can see you.