Friday, June 11, 2010

Make 'em Laugh

When Elaine was a teeny tiny, newborn, I was at home with her a lot. Trying to avoid getting her sick and stuff, plus we were really poor. We didn't have cable, but we had an antenna. Which meant we got KJZZ and a lot of reruns during the day. This was how I discovered the hilarious and inviting world of WNYX's News Radio.

I seriously laugh out loud every episode. No matter how many times I've seen it. They are hilarious!! What do you expect from Dave Foley and Phil Hartman. Everyone on the show is fabulous. I wish it was still on, but thank goodness for the season's on DVD. I find it a great way to relax or unwind from a stressful, tiresome day. Watch a little News Radio. So many off the wall plot lines and great quotes. They are constantly creeping their way into conversations with my husband. Like, "I choose couch!!" If you haven't seen this delightful show, I highly suggest checking it out. There are some episodes on you tube and other places. Love it!!


Queen of the Nerds said...

A blast from the past! I used to watch that show all the time. I loved Phil Hartman.

I may have to Netflix them and have a marathon. :)

Svedi Pie said...

We had a friend who had the entire TV series. We finished it just before we left UT - hilarious! What a great show :)