Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I know that I need to post something new here. It has been quite a break between posts. I feel like there really isn't much to say - but maybe something will enlighten me. It's officially summer vacation and I cannot get my kids to sleep in for anything. Tyrants. I am beyond tired, resting every chance I get. I have less than 3 weeks left until this little boy makes his debut. I am so excited to see his cute little face and chubby cheeks, dreading the pain I'll be in - but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. The first couple weeks are usually the worst, then it's up hill from there. Lets hope this holds true.

Ashton has been very into the world of Star Wars. He loves it. And he plays so well with Myra (most of the time). I love to watch them play and be kind to one another. The other night Darin was playing with the kids - rough housing - and they were having such a blast. Again, love it. I know I am strange, but I love watching my kids play and be happy. Some days I wish I could do nothing else.

I hope to magically have some new found energy so I can not only accomplish my everyday tasks, but all the extras I want out of the way before the baby arrives. I don't think it will happen...but I can dream, right? I'm glad that it has been overcast and cloudy. If it was super nice and sunny I would suffer more guilt of not being able to accomplish more outside.

Darin got all of the crazy (I swear they are man eating) weeds out of the flower garden over the weekend. Quite a task. It looks fabulous- for now. The flower pots from the cemetery look great too. I did Purple (of course) and yellow flowers this year. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. And I picked up all our stuff before anyone had a chance to steal it this year...a bonus. Thanks to Violet for reminding me while we were in town.

Well, it sounds like things are not happy in the basement (the screaming and yelling gave it away). That's my cue.


Jenny said...

Good luck with these last few weeks of pregnancy!