Monday, July 19, 2010

Did he Say what I think he said?

(A Damon Bradley impostor)
While Darin and I were at the hospital with Vaughn when he got readmitted at 4 days old, we heard the funniest thing. Over the PA we hear "Damon Bradley, please call ****. Damon Bradley". We looked at each other and laughed. Hard. We then preceded to discuss weather or not it was a real page or a prank. Damon Bradley, seriously?! What are the odds?
(The impostor Damon Bradley)
We got online and checked the hospital staff and there wasn't a Damon Bradley listed, but he could have been a nurse or a patient or something. The list was only for Doctors.

If you don't get why this is so funny, you need to watch the movie Only You. It's great.....well, I love it. Then this post will all make sense to you.

It's almost as weird as the fact that Primary Children's has an employee named Darren Andrews. That used to throw us for a loop all the time when he would get paged and we would think it was for us. Talk about a heart attack!


James and Elysia said...

That is hillarious. That is one of my favorite movies:)

Marcae said...

That is a classic movie. What a funny story.

I just wasnted to thank you for thinking about Kate on her birthday. You are so sweet. I also wanted to congratulate you on your newest little addition. What a little doll! I hope all is going well!!

Griffin said...

I just watched the first 4 minutes of the movie on netflix, I get it.