Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taylor the Latte Boy

Darin and I like to listen to Show Tunes Saturday Night - much to the dismay of some of our friends (you know who you are!). It is really fun to listen and see if we know what musical the next song is from. Some times we have things going on and can only listen for a few minutes. It never fails, we hear this ridiculous song called Taylor the Latte Boy. It's sung by Kristen Chenoweth - who is fabulous, but the song is so silly. We have heard it so many times we know all the words and can now sing a long. If you haven't heard it, know is your chance. Click here. I warn you it is cheesy. It's not actually from a musical, but it's on one of Kristen's cd's. Darin is worried that it is producing a generation of caffeine fiends who think love and romance must be caffeinated. ;) Here is the video.


Jenny said...

I love Kristen Chenoweth! She's such a good performer!

Teea Lamb said...

I love it! That is so funny! Thanks for posting it. And you are right, she is fabulous! Hope things are going good for you and your cute family!

carolyn q said...

You are not alone, Scott and I also enjoy listening to Show Tunes too!