Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attention Dog Owners

Do we own a dog? Not the last time I checked. Then tell me why do I have a fresh pile of poo on my lawn about every stinkin' day? Yesterday there were two. I get that they are animals and pretty much go where they please. If I had a dog, I'd try my darnedest to keep the crap to myself. Please don't let your animal roam free. We live in a neighborhood, not the outback. I don't enjoy the stuff that gets squished all over my shoe and spread through the house. It's stinks and is gross. I don't throw my kids' diapers' on your lawn (maybe I should find the culprits and implement this practice) so don't let your beast treat my nice green lawn like a toilet. It stains. Thank you!


Noni Andrew said...

Grandpa Holmes had a neighbor that would walk his dog every evening and the dog would poop on his lawn. One evening when he came by our Mountain lion sam was in the back of the van and jump out and scared the crap out of the dog and his owner. They call the cops and it was an exciting night. No, I really don't recommend getting a mountain lion. It's a funny story. Love you guys.

Janice said...

I had posted a comment on this thread previously, don't know what happened to it ;) We have more of a problem with cats pooping in our front planter box. Our neighbors do let their stupid little dog poop on our lawn every morning. Sometimes I'm tempted to hurl our dog poop over the fence into their yard but refrain. If our dogs ever poop on someones lawn we pick it up. That's just totally low life to leave it.