Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sept 11, 2010

They day turned out so fabulous. Thank you so much to all the amazing people who came and supported those born with CHD. It was a cold morning - tape wouldn't stick to metal...but we survived. The sun came out and warmed us all up. So much preparation for one exhilarating day. It was a great time to reunite with families I haven't seen in a long time, and to meet new faces, connect the dots a little with the names I know.
There is something so powerful about seeing such a mass of people, walking, talking and supporting one another. It sure is a sight I wish all could enjoy.

We decided to throw a silent auction into the mix this year. It was quite successful. I hope everyone is enjoying their fun winnings. We also had numerous prizes that we were able to give away. Thank you a thousand time to the people/companies who donated to make our event successful. To see a list, please go here.

We had a touching and wonderful Angel Ceremony. We were able to once again release butterflies in memory of those with CHD's who have passed on. Beautiful posters of those being remembered and beautiful family members in attendance to honor their loved one. Laurie Tye wrote this poem that was shared.


You came to us so gentle and so pure

For how long you would be here we were unsure

But we knew each day we got to share with you

Would make our lives more complete and more true

You see you taught us to love more than we know

With your broken heart you made our whole hearts grow

So as you look up to us we will give to you our heart

And promise to take care of you and always do our part

While you are here rely on us to get you through

To help you do the things that you cannot do

We know you will fly when your job here is done

And your place in the heavens you have rightfully won

But first you must let go of all the earth binding strings

That are way too heavy to carry on butterfly wings

Now our angels are up there and free from all pain

But we still feel their breath in the breeze before the rain

So fly butterfly fly and take with you our love

To each of our angels who are watching us from above

Now we look up to them with a prayer in our hearts

As they promise to take care of us and always do their part

Because you see now they are helping us get through

And doing things for us that we cannot do.

So fly butterfly fly and take with you our love

To each of our angels who are watching us from above

By: Laurie Tye

Thank you to Teea, Jen & Andrea for putting your heart and soul into the Angel Ceremony. It was lovely. Your children love you, as do we!

Again, this day wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors. They are also listed here. Big thanks to Mark Hiles with Diamond Rentals for suppling the tables, tents etc. Such an enormous help. The Faulkners at Will's Pit Stop for bringing our water once again. Your generosity astounds! A huge shout out to Carolyn for her contact at WestPro. What an amazing deal on shirts! Thank you for helping us, and thank you WestPro for the incredible discount! Those people you say wondering around with a camera glued to their faces, were our photographers Peter Firth & Mary Hansen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to encroach upon your time to borrow you and your skills. Now we can remember the wonderful day, in pictures! Thank you!

Thank you to all those who ventured out to the park EARLY to help. Heather Griffith used her talent to design the front of the shirt for us this year. I love it!! Thank you Heather, and also thank you for helping with check in. Kim Brown and her girls Hillary & Madison helped decorate and also made the wonderful thank you posters for the sponsors and donors. They were perfect! Tiffany & Kristen Day once again offered their services and helped with check in/registration. You girls are the best! Thank you!! My niece Jaylyn and her friend Shelese were also helping again this year! Thanks for sacrificing your beauty sleep!! Also my nephew Christopher, thank you for your early help, and also helping with the Prize Drawing.

The Homers & the Pattons thank you for the help getting donations/sponsors and being willing to help where you were needed! Thank you to Vicki for your assistance at the Silent Auction table! I'm looking forward to the Festival of Trees!! Amy & Ashley for your help during the Prize drawing. Amy, thank you for your help getting prizes and Ashley, thank you for the use of the PA system. I think things were heard much more easily this year! Sarah Benson, thank you for your willingness to help. Thank you to Scott & Jonathan for your assistance in handling all of the website information. Registrations, and updating the website as needed. You guys are great!
The day would not have been possible without Christina and her countless hours of work. She headed up the Silent Auction, as well as helping with everything else. There are no words except WOW!!! You are amazing! You are an inspiration! Thank you for your support and friendship. I bet your kids are thankful to have their mom back! ;) Things got a little insanely busy for a couple weeks.

Thank you to my family and friends who were able to come support CHD's and us, as we remember Elaine and the life she lived. Jaylyn, Christopher, Nancy, Eastman's, Torsak's, Bakers, Syme's, Johanson's, Day's, Coulson's, Thank you! We love you! Thank you to Darin and my kids for putting up with my craziness and an absentee me. I love you!
Thank you to all who came & enjoyed, and spread the word. Thank you to all those who were not able to attend, but still support IHH through donations & service. The fundraiser was a HUGE success and will make so many things possible for those effected by CHD's like Heart Camp, Care Bags, Meal Cards & other activities.

***I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If I have I will add you ASAP! More pictures to come!**


Christina said...

So much fun. Thanks for all your hard work. You are awesome! I am truly glad we are friends. I miss talking to you on the phone 10x a day. :)