Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Voice of the Spirit

Mormon Messages "Voice of the Spirit" **

It was interesting that the man walking to the pawn shop passed by murmuring voices, whining voices abhorring work, seductive voices, flattering voices. He passed them all easily and without much effort. When it came to the commercial voices he paused a little longer to look at the luxury car. It seems like the mists of darkness are filled with commercials and advertisements for what we "must not do without". Spending time, money, energy for that which is of no worth. There are very subtle lines drawn dividing what has worth, what has some worth and that which is of no worth at all.

Is food important? Of course but what about eating out at fancy restaurants or purchasing costly foods?

Is a house important? I would say so, for safety and security of a family but how big and how much property?

Is a car important? Yes, to get from place to place but what kind and how much should be spent on it?

On and on this list can go. Amazingly this is all about items that will only last while we are on this earth. They are not eternal in their nature. Not eternal and yet we spend almost all of our time, effort, thinking on them. In fact what else but earthly items/services can money buy? Items/services on earth where moth eat and rust corrupt.

I do not think that spending money is bad. Without it education would be difficult to obtain. The creation of the "Perpetual Education Fun" of the LDS church was in an effort to provide money for education. The birth of my children cost money due to hospital stays. My daughter Elaine was born with a heart defect and would have died within days of birth but due to very costly surgeries she lived until the day before she turned 3 years old. I could never have placed a dollar value on what I would have spent to have her alive for 3 years but I can look back at the bills and tell you how much money it did cost.

I guess this is why it is so important to read the scriptures and pray so we can be guided by the spirit as President Faust says in this talk. We can be guided by the spirit to not completely loose track of our eternal goal! The lines dividing worth that started out looking subtle and vague end up being solid and having substance like an iron rod.

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