Sunday, November 7, 2010


I know, you are shocked, a new post. You know how life gets. Vaughn is doing better. He is a much happier guy now. Seems like after about the 4 month mark, the colic gets better. He is on a bottle (sad for me) and also baby food and cereal. I was not giving him enough calories, so we needed to supplement. He then decided he pretty much just preferred the bottle, it fills his tummy up quicker. He loves to suck on his fingers and doesn't enjoy his pacifier anymore. He is growing and chunking up!! At his 4 month check up he was only 11 lbs. Not so goo. He had dropped from the 25th%tile to the 3rd%tile. Now he has been getting formula and cereal for over a month. He is still pretty pukey, but using the formula for spitty uppy babies seems to help. He does keep the "solid" food down better.

Myra has pretty much gotten all potty trained this past week. Mostly on her own. She decided she really wanted to, and did. She has a few accidents, but nothing too major. Usually she insists on changing her panties because there is a tiny little drop of pee. I haven't had to change a messy diaper on her for about a week. So nice. I'm glad I waited and didn't push her. By far the easiest kid to get using the potty so far!!

Today is fast Sunday. It was the first time in quite awhile that I have been able to fast. I really did not realize how much I missed it. 2009 was spent being pregnant off and on, so my fasting was rare and sporadic due to that. Then I was pregnant with Vaughn and nursing him, so that means no fasting. Since he doesn't want to nurse, I got to fast today. Wow. It generally isn't something that I look forward to. I thought about not doing it today, but it has been surprisingly easy, and wonderful. I was able to actually feel a closer connection to the spirit today, and just feel so much more at peace. Did I get to listen and pay attention more to the meeting, no. My kids were the same as usual, Primary was chaos while preparing for the sacrament program next week, but I felt great.

I haven't been getting more sleep than usual, or any other major change. It is a good feeling to be able to fast and have this closeness. I didn't realize it had been missing. I'm glad that is isn't missing anymore. Out of 123 months I have been married, the I have only been able to fast 19 of them. I just did the math. CRAZY!!~!! I am thankful to be able to enjoy these blessings now. I am thankful for the opportunity to gain a closeness to the spirit and help my testimony grow.