Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little known fact

(Isaac Wardle)

I have always loved hearing stories about family members who have come before me. Maybe this stems from my religion, and the fact that I am named after my Great Grand mother, Melissa Ann Shaw. This summer (about a week before Vaughn's birth) we were able to attend a very large family reunion in South Jordan. It was amazing to see so many people that I am related to, and who all are here as a result of one man. It was the Isaac Wardle Reunion.

Although there wasn't too much shared that I didn't already know, it was thrilling to see others getting excited about people and facts that I love. I did learn a bit more about Isaac's life in England prior to coming to the United States, and also about his family he left behind in the UK. It was great to see pictures and imagine them living in the house, and seeing the church they attended. And then also about his life here in Utah. How much he settled and helped the community in South Jordan, and then later in Idaho. The trials they endured, and the faith they had....amazing. I am ve
ry proud to be a member of this family. Thank you for your example and legacy.

If you are wondering, yes Ashton (my son) is named after the Mary Ann Ashton family. Mary Ann married Isaac.

Some of the members of the family have set up a blog with stories and picture
s of the Wardle family. It is here if you are interested. I am thankful for those whoa re able to dedicate the time to Family History work right now. I hope that someday I will be able to enjoy doing that as well.
*If you
would like to read more about the Mormon Handcart Pioneers there are many first hand accounts and different sites with good info.

(top: Mary Ann Ashton bottom Melissa Wardle)


The Brown Family said...

So I'm guessing that you may know the Isaac Wardle who lives by me. When we went on a youth trek together, I heard several stories about this great man!

Kim Brown

Jenny said...

My mom sent me the link to Billy's blog after the reunion, and I'd checked it out, but I hadn't returned since. Thanks for the reminder. He's got some great pictures posted! I LOVE that one of grandma as a teenager. She's so cute!

Noni Andrew said...

I love those family histories. It mentions that Issac settled in Idaho. Both my fathers family and mother's family settle in Idaho as a call from Brigham Young. The Holmes family went to the south east corner, Montpelier and the Marler family was in Lewisville and Rigby. Where did the Wardles settle?