Thursday, February 10, 2011

A CHD Poem

A Father's Heart
A man walks through the double doors,
His eyes tell quite a story,
Although he has grown weary,
He still gives God the glory.
His child lives within these walls,
As many children do,
Look high up on the sign, you’ll see
That it says…ICU.
The nurses nod as he walks in,
And sets down all his things,
Although he knows what to expect,
Somehow it always stings.
He bends to kiss his sleeping child
His hands stroking soft hair,
And everyday the nurse can hear,
This tired father’s prayer.

Lord, please watch my child today,
And let him know your here,
Give him strength so he can fight,
And calm his every fear.
Wrap your arms around him,
The way I wish I could,
Remind him just how much he’s loved,
Remind him life is good.
I feel so very helpless,
Not sure what I can do,
I cannot even comprehend,
The things that he’s been through,
Give me strength to fight for him,
And help me understand…
Help me to accept your will…
No matter what the plan.
Lord, I know you’ll answer me,
And yes, I know you care,
Thanks again for hearing,
One father’s heartfelt prayer.
If someone stopped to ask him,
Are things going alright?
He’d feel no need to mention,
He didn’t sleep all night.
If we were given just a glimpse…
If we could see in part…
What thoughts and hopes are there to find
Within this father’s heart?
A father’s perspective…
My child has a heart defect,
Its “my job” to be strong,
And tell my wife things will be fine,
(And pray that I’m not wrong)
And still the bills need to get paid,
And things need to be done,
And it’s so hard just sitting here,
“I want to hold my son!”
I lean down as I watch him breathe,
“Keep fighting”, is my plea,
“I thought I’d teach you to be brave,
“But son, you have taught me”.
I hear the beeping of machines,
(They help my child live)
I wish that I could take his place,
(There’s nothing that I wouldn’t give!)
To have the faith and strength I need,
To hold back all my tears,
To say I know he’ll be okay,
Despite all of my fears.
I”ll only lose composure,
When no one’s here to see,
I will be the “strong” one,
As I’m supposed to be.
A daddy says,” Come to my arms,
I’ll chase all those monster’s away”,
I cannot change God’s plan for him,
But I can hope and pray.
A daddy needs to cry sometimes,
And God must see right through,
That ” tough daddy exterior”,
For He’s a daddy too.
~Stephanie Husted