Thursday, March 17, 2011


I went to a BYU men's volleyball game with my friend Are'. It was great fun. I sat next to an older gentleman, and his wife. We got to chatting, and the man kept asking me if I liked football. Or if my husband liked football. This was right before the super bowl, so I figured he was really excited about it or something. I mentioned that my dad and uncle had played football in high school, and my uncle in college.

Finally he told me why he had been asking me all these questions. He used to play professional football for the Steelers! Holy Cow. I'd never meet a professional football player. Pretty cool! He played in 1954. He had gone to BYU and played on their baseball and football teams. He was drafter to the Steelers and played one season with them. After that season, he was drafted into the military for the Korean War. We was drafted on a Friday and the draft ended that next Monday, three days later. After the war, the Steelers had filled up their roster and his career was over.
He also shared about his military service. He spent it "whooping those fly boys at football." So, he played ball for his military service. He and his wife were so nice, and cute together. In their 80's attending sports events together. They live in Provo and they thought I was a co-ed! Best compliment I'd had in a long time! Woo hoo. He gave us his signed photo. Handsome man! He had a lot of fun things to share about playing football too. He said he played when it was a real sport. He weighed 210lbs and was one of the big guys, before they all bulked up on drugs and covered themselves in padding! I really enjoy hearing stories from days gone by. A very fun evening watching BYU win, and hearing great stories. Now I can say that I have meet a Professional Football player! If youa re curious, his name is Dewey Brundage. There is an old newspaper article here. He is number 89, but the picture quality is poor.