Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Redistribution Day

I feel like Darin and I try to live within our means. We don't have crazy new cars, or new clothes, or new anything, but we are happy and make do. So why then, every payday, do I simply take what we are given and redistribute the money to everyone, but me. I have decided that payday is no longer. It is now simply redistribution day. Plain and simple. Lets just call it as it is. We rarely come out on top. There are always the unexpected things in life that take our "extra" away. Cavities, trips to the ER, broken appliances, you know the story. I am thankful we aren't in the red, but between inflation, gas prices *@!&^ and everyone's rates going up, I feel like we can't catch a break. Who's with me on this name change?


Elysia said...

Is there a like button? I totally agree.

Nelson Family said...

No better way to say it. I had to laugh when I read this post just this past month we have had 2 of those unexpected expenses. One the computer and two the washer. and not to mention Father's Day and the hubbies B-day all in one month. There isn't much to go around. But some how we get buy. I should just be greatful we do get by and I am. It would just be nice to not feel guity when I buy new socks for myself. Knowing that I need them but thinking maybe I could hold out a little bit longer so the money could go somewhere else. Redistribution day is a much better word for what comes twice a month.