Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some one leaked

I got accused of being a slacker for not updating my blog for, well, a while. It's true. I am a slacker. Well, here is a post for you. This is an artist's rendition of what the Payson Temple will look like. Some one leaked it around facebook. I don't think that it has officially be released from the church yer, but they have announced a date to break ground. October 8th of this year. I am so excited! Check out the info here.

A funny story about Violet. A couple of years after we moved in to our house, Violet was probably about 5, we were talking about temples and stuff and I asked her about which temple she would want to be sealed in when she gets married. She immediately and mater of factley said, " the Payson Temple." I kind of chuckled and explained to her that there wasn't a temple in Payson and told her about others int he area. Fast forward to Jan 2010 the first thing out of Violet's mouth when I told her a temple was going to be built in Payson was, " I told you I was giong to be married in the Payson temple." She then proceeded to remind me about the conversation that we had had a couple years previously. Apparently she knew what she was talking about. It is good to have goals!