Monday, October 3, 2011

Olly Olly Oxen free!!

I am just wondering what has happened to the world of blogs? About 75% of the blogs on my readers list (see sidebar)------------> seem to have disappeared. No one wants to blog any more? I know that I am not as motivated when I don't see lovely updates from all my friends. Come one guys, for some of you it has been years!! I'm not naming names (Bakers, Johnsons, Drakes , Evans & Ilseley's) Achem!! But that is so sad!! I know yoau re all busy, but I don't know what is happening with you. Heaven forbid I facebook, email, call or even snail mail you (yes people, there is still a functioning post office!) to see how you are doing. You could make life much more fun for all by UPDATING YOUR BLOG!! Just Sayin'!


Jenny said...

I, too, have discovered that personal blogs are falling by the wayside. Almost all of the blogs I read nowadays are professional or craft blogs. The personal blogs that used to be my bread and butter now rarely post. I think it was a trend that practically every mormon girl took part in, but only those who were in it for the blogging, not just the trend, are left doing it.

Also, hardly anyone comments anymore (not just on my blog, but everywhere). I think that's due to a combination of lack of time (it takes more time to stop, open the page, and comment than it does to whirl past the post in googlereader) and lack of interesting blog posts.

It is rather a shame that blogging isn't like it used to be.

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I am guilty as charged. I need to do more - not because our life is interesting, but for me it was the ONLY record or journal that I kept. Sad but true.

I miss it!

Kazooboy said...

I think the answer to the mystery is Facebook. Most people feel blogs are a thing of the past.

Elysia said...

I agree. I would much rather read a blog than a status update on facebook.