Friday, October 14, 2011


What do you usually do when there is just a teeny tiny bit of say, milk left in the jug? Not enough to do more than wet your whistle. I just put one back in the fridge thinking to my self that the next person that goes into the fridge for milk is likely to just open a new gallon and not finish off the smidgen. I'm tempted to go back and be wasteful and simply toss it. Some times I have found that and individual in my house hold who shall remain nameless, thinks that it is easier to put an empty container, be it ice cream, ketchup, mayo - something that does not have a clear container, back int he fridge rather than placing it in the trash can. You get your hopes up, your pallet starts to water, waiting for some delish ice cream to just make your day better, open the container only to find it completely scrapped out empty. Rude!! Such a let down. I needed wanted that sooo much and now it is gone. Use a trash can next time, please, not the fridge! Is there a specific etiquette to be followed here?


Becky said...

When it's ice cream, it's needed, not wanted. I would be annoyed. If there is only a tiny bit of milk left I usually chug it.

Melissa said...

Good idea, but I don't drink milk.