Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lines, Lines and more lines.........

I think that 50% of our pictures from Disneyland were of us standing in line. It's what you do. It is expected, but not fun. You find interesting ways to keep your yougin's entertained. Here are a bunch of pictures of us in lines. Bonus points for the lucky winner who can name the rides the pics were taken at.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Disneyland (Day Three)

We got up early!!!!!! We took advantage of the early entry into the park. It was wonderful to have an uncrowded park. We got to explore tomorrow land and fantasy land a ton.

Myra even got to ride on Space Mountain!! My kids are short so we had lots of issues and disappointment in the "am I tall enough" department. That is a story for another time. Anyway, I went on Star Tours with Vi & Ashton. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. I literally almost barfed all over. If you have motion sickness, this is not the ride for you. Ashton & Vi had a great time, I was green for 75% of the day because of it. Blech!!

Nemo was fun, Vaughn really liked it.
Fantasyland my kids loved, especially Myra.

There were princesses and villans and toys and just so much to take in!

Later in the day we got to watch a Christmas parade. It was fun, except when one of the floats broke down. Santa was stuck in front of us, but man, he was good. Kept the crowd busy and happy. The reindeer were great too. It was all so professional and well choreographed. Good times.

Storybook was one of Darin's favorite. I mean, they even put tiny little wreaths on the doors of the tiny cottages!! Wow. He also took a lot or pictures of the architecture.

We had decided that we were going to go back tot he hotel for a mandatory "nap". Everyone slept except for me and Ashton. He was content to play games on the itouch, but at least he was off his feet. We wanted to be able to stay up for the fireworks that night. The Christmas fireworks were over the Castle. The castle lit up at the end with different lights and was so amazing. i loved it. The kids enjoyed that they recognized several of the songs.

In the evening while we were waiting for the fireworks we checked out toon town. We went on the Roger Rabbit ride. The kids liked it but had never seen the it wasn't quite as fun for them.

Vaughn had a hard time staying up for the fireworks, but we managed to survive! It was a fun day.

Disneyland (Day Two)

Our very first day going to Disneyland...ever!!! It was so fun. The kids and especially Darin (he had worked all night on Thursday night, and stayed up Friday travelling and didn't sleep at all for like 40 hours) we exhausted so we didn't get quite the early start to the adventures as I thought. Plus the kids kept waking each other up all night. But we got into the park and it was Magical. All decorated for We tried going on Indiana but it kept breaking down. It was weird, but I guess Tom Sawyer's Island is now a Pirate Island. The kids loved that place and probably would have stayed all day if we hadn't pulled them away kicking and screaming. Here are some pictures on the island, and near there.

We went on Pirates (the kids LOVED that ride!) and wandered around a bit. Then headed over to California Adventure for a work lunch. There we got to meet Mickey and Minnie!! So much fun!
Ashton did not appreciate getting his picture taken with characters. :( After the wonderful lunch and festivities, we spent a lot of time in CA. We found Sully!!! That must be the most awkward and hot costume there is!

Lisa & Erik met up with us and showed us the ropes. We went to Bug's Life area and spent so long there. The kids enjoyed all the rides that were just right for them. It was fun that everything was "big" and I felt like a tiny little bug! :)

Bugs and more bugs!! We went on more rides once we left there. I think we for sure took the most pictures this first day!!

We found Jesse, Buzz walked by and we missed him. Next year, I will Stalk find Buzz to get a "family" picture!
Then we found these Humungo ice creams. They were wonderful!! The kids made fun messes, but look at those grins! The Ferris wheel was really large!! I felt like I could see all the way to Utah!

While we were eating, there was some Fineus and Ferb street dancing presentation. The kids loved was very Disney Chanel! I can't wait for Radiator springs to be finished! It looks so fun.

We went back to Disneyland and got stuck in a traffic jam of people. A Christmas concert had just finished and holy people batman. It took forever trying to get anywhere. Buzz lightyear ride was the last thing Vaughn was kinda ok with doing. Lisa and Erik stayed up for the fireworks. Our kids were wasted once it started getting dark. Vaughn was flipping out. We took the monorail back to the hotel (which was cool to see all around the park). We ordered Pizza for dinner and it was wonderful! Thank goodness for Domino's!