Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heavenly Father are you there, when sometimes it is hard down here?
Well, just today I scraped my knee, lost my doll, was stung by a bee.
My sister yelled at me so mean, my brother hit me in my spleen.
Did you send me here to suffer? Hope my life does not get rougher!
My little brother took my toys, I took them back, he made a noise.
Then when my mommy said to share, I just sat there and didn't care.
So after all these troubled times, where can I turn for love sublime?
My mommy makes a great big fuss, when the toilet I do not flush.
Tonight for dinner was the worst, I ate some food I'm sure was cursed.
Is there any source of comfort, when my life takes much effort?
Well after all I feel gladder, when I do the things that matter.
Say my prayers and love my brother,  do all my chores for my mother.
Listen so good at F.H.E., be good for my fam'ly to see.
Try to listen, not be sassy, just like a good little lassie.
I feel love and peace increasing, when I do good without ceasing.
Feel the spirit deep within me, when I am just as I should be.
My teachers and my mom and dad, say these feelings are to be had,
As a sign to help give me sight, So I can know the wrong from right.
So, even though we may be small, the spirit helps us one and all!
Then no matter who, when or where, in your time of need he'll be there!

Child's Prayer by Darin Andrew