Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I have not been great about blogging.  Blogger changed their format and it still weirds me out and I don't know where things are.  Grrr.  Vaughn is two.  Maybe sometime will will post pictures from his birthday.

It is the fourth of July.  I love this holiday.  I have very fun memories of singing patriotic songs at the top of my lungs, many times during my childhood.  Some of you remember, you were there.....  But besides the music, I thought it would be fun to write about movies that remind me of the fourth.  I remember posting something similar to this for Christmas.  It was quite fun and I enjoyed hearing other's ideas.

Disney's Pollyanna is a big one for me.  There is the fun carnival during the movie where you see a softer side of the cranky lady and she makes sure Pollyanna gets her doll, and I love the song/skit with Hayley mills singing America the beautiful.

Another childhood movie with great memories for me is the Sandlot.  Odd choice you may think, but the scene where they can play baseball during the night because the sky is lit with fireworks is amazing.  A simpler time.....I love it.  Plus when you are a child and you watch certain movies over and over and over, they are ingrained in your brain until they are part of you FOR - EV - VER!!!  It's a classic, you've got smores and all kinds of summer mischief.

Of course there is also the movie Independence Day... but that doesn't really make me feel that patriotic.  There are lots of great war movies, and the like.  Which remind you most of the Fourth of July and are nostalgic for you?