Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thank you for remembering!

One of Elaine's nurses from her last few weeks with us is named Lisa.  Darin and I connected with her and have been blessed to remain in contact with her over the years.  She is an amazing, giving, selfless woman.  She and her husband have touched our hearts in many ways.  Yesterday, Lisa announced this: 

I am very excited and a bit nervous to be starting a new challenge in my nursing career. I will be working with International Children's Heart Foundation, a humanitarian aide organization that creates designer hearts for children all over the world that would die because of their congenital heart defects, and no access to having them repaired. This is a great group of medical professionals that have given life and hope to thousands of children and families around the world. I will be working as an educator/coordinator for a new project helping kids from Haiti. Please pray for me and our team. I will be heading to the DR on the 7th of November to meet and finalize our upcoming mission. Excited beyond words! Suzanne and Elaine, this is for you!

I am still at a loss for words.  The gratitude is overwhelming and makes me cry, I am so touched.  Thank you for remembering my little girl.  It is wonderful to know how she has and does inspire lives.  Who knew a two year old could help so many lives.  I know all those helped through this fabulous resource will have a new lease on life after their operation.  Thank you to all!  This sure brightened my day and I wanted to share.