Monday, April 14, 2014

Tulips and Daffodils

In the spring time, when the tulips and daffodils emerge, I cannot help but think of my girl.  Elaine loved flowers and would (naughtily) pick them.  Then she would carry them around like wands, and hit people with them.  During her last hospital stay while waiting for a new heart, it was spring.  When we could, she was allowed outside for short periods of time to visit her baby sister, who was too young to be allowed in the PICU.  Elaine always wanted a flower.  So I (naughtily) would let her have one.  Then, after the short time outside she would be exhausted and want to go in and watch a movie.  Sometimes Santa Clause is coming to Town, or something equally as silly.  Today I wanted a picture of Elaine with my flowers in the yard.  This is the best I could do since she is gone.  It's been a long and hard 10 years without her little hand in mine.  I know she would be turning 13 and be all teenagery.  But this is how she will always be to me, until I see her again..  Love you, Bugga!


Susan said...

Sending a hug from Texas during this difficult time.

Jenny said...


Mark C. said...

Flowers are reminders
They are searchers and finders
Of memories and feelings
That help with grief's healing

Gather them now
And promise with a vow
To live, love, and cherish
The hope of Easter that cannot perish

Angee and Thom said...

I love that she was able to be in the spring flowers today!