Saturday, June 7, 2014

Positive reinforcement

As a parent one often wonders "how badly am I screwing up my children?"  Yesterday at my son's ball game I was sitting on the sidelines.  I had Myra and Vaughn with me.  Vaughn has been playing  a lot with a bow and arrow set.  He wanted to bring it tot he ball park.  I went over a few ground rules about bringing the bow (but not the arrows) to the ball field.   He said he would comply with said rules.  

Inevitably in the course of time, one rule was broken, and then another.  The bow went into timeout a couple of times, and there were other normal kid needs.  After one of his melt downs, time out and then getting back to playing, a little old lady (her great grandson was playing ball) leaned over and said she enjoyed watching my interaction with my children and was glad to see discipline and love at the same time.

She was being sincere and it was reassuring.  I forget sometimes that people are watching how we treat our children and how we talk to them.  It was a good reminder.  I'm glad that at least one person besides me thinks I'm doing a good job!  Whew!